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Bedsores in Chicago Nursing Homes

Bedsores are some of the most common sources of injuries in Chicago nursing homes. The most unfortunate aspect of these injuries, though, is that they are completely preventable. These incidents only occur after nurses or staff are either ignorant of their responsibilities towards residents or willfully choose to ignore them.

Bedsores can range in severity from minor nuisances to life-threatening injuries. No matter the cause or urgency of the injury, residents and their families have the right to seek compensation.

All nursing homes maintain a duty to protect their residents from harm. A failure in this duty can be the source of a nursing home abuse lawsuit with a nursing home abuse lawyer based on the concept of negligence. A qualified nursing home neglect and abuse attorney could help victims of bedsores in Chicago nursing homes to understand their rights and seek the compensation that they deserve.

The Causes and Symptoms of Bedsores

A bedsore is an ulcer that develops from a lack of blood flow to the area in question. This lack of blood causes the underlying tissue to become starved of oxygen and eventually die. If caught in time, a bedsore is a minor issue that can required tissue stimulation and pain management to treat. However, unrecognized bedsores can lead to a permanent loss of tissue and infection.

Bedsores are the result of inactivity, typically occurring when someone is unable to get out of bed or turn over on their own. While these are commonly viewed as a condition that only affects the elderly, in reality any person can be afflicted with bedsores if they remain in one place for too long.

According to Johns Hopkins, a bedsore can develop in as little as two or three hours of pressure on a singular part of the body. Especially in the case of people who are unable to move on their own, pressure points on the body such as the hips, heels, shoulders, and head can quickly become vulnerable.

Patients have developed serious health complications from bedsores that can jeopardize the life of already fragile residents. It is essential that both residents and their families understand the concept of bedsores and the responsibilities of nursing homes.

The Legal Duty of Nursing Homes

All nursing homes in Chicago assume a duty to care for all the needs of their residents, which includes providing food and medication as well as proper nursing care. A large portion of nursing care is preventative, and something as fundamental as turning an immobile patient can be essential to the long-term health of that resident.

A failure to perform this procedure can lead to allegations of negligence. Specifically, injured residents can make claims against the nursing home if a lack of turning leads to an injury in the form of bedsores in Chicago nursing homes.

These claims can demand compensation for not just the medical costs of treating the injury, but also for any mental anguish suffered by the patient. An attorney could help injured residents and their families to understand their rights, the legal duties of Chicago nursing homes, and when a lawsuit may be appropriate to demand compensation.

Bedsores are a Leading Cause of Injury in Chicago Nursing Homes

Bedsores are a serious and common problem in nursing homes in Chicago and around Illinois. Staff in these facilities are responsible to not only provide shelter and food to residents but also to ensure that they are protected from all foreseeable harm. Problems involving bed sores in Chicago nursing homes are well known to nursing home workers, so any failure to prevent these injuries is likely evidence of legal negligence.

Injured residents and their families have rights, including the right to demand compensation for any physical injury or mental suffering that results from nursing home neglect. Contact a nursing home injury lawyer today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.