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Chicago Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

A person can find themselves in an accident with a municipal waste truck at any time because these vehicles drive on the street just like a passenger cars. A person could get rear-ended by a garbage truck, or the truck could crash into some parked cars. Garbage trucks could be going down the alley and hit someone coming from a different direction. Regardless of the cause, accidents involving municipal waste vehicles often result in severe injuries or even death. The enormous size and weight of these trucks can cause devastating damage to passenger vehicles and their occupants.

If you were involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle, you may be entitled to fair compensation for your injuries and associated losses. Unfortunately, pursuing a personal injury case against a large corporation or municipality can be overwhelming. Instead of handling your case alone, contact an experienced Chicago garbage truck accident lawyer for help. They could gather compelling evidence, present your case in negotiations or trial, and protect your rights at every step.

Pursuing an Injury Claim Against the Government

Garbage truck accident cases can quickly become complex when they involve government entities. If waste is collected by the city, then an injury claim resulting from an accident has to be filed against the city. These cases are subject to a strict one-year statute of limitations. Even though one year may seem like a long period of time, gathering proper documentation in support of a personal injury claim can be a lengthy process. For this reason, victims should consider retaining an experienced Chicago municipal waste truck crash attorney as quickly as possible.

Personal Injury Claims Against Manufacturers or Companies

The appropriate defendants in a garbage truck accident case can sometimes be difficult to determine. When the accident was caused by a driver’s misconduct, the defendant may be the truck driver or their employer. However, some injuries are caused by mechanical failures. The truck’s lift arms could malfunction, or the brakes could give out while the truck is at speed. In these cases, a product manufacturer or maintenance company may ultimately be responsible for the accident and resulting injuries.

When victims are recovering from their injuries, they should not have to spend energy investigating the causes of a crash and proper defendants. For this reason, many people choose to rely on an experienced attorney. Legal professionals could quickly conduct an independent investigation to gather evidence showing the defendant’s liability. Surveillance videos may be erased over time, and witnesses memories can become less reliable, making it critical to begin the case process quickly.

Let a Chicago Garbage Truck Accident Attorney Fight for You

If you were injured in a collision with a municipal waste truck, you should not have to bear the burden of your expenses alone. Fortunately, the Illinois legal system provides a way for you to recover full and fair compensation from the at-fault party. To schedule a consultation and learn how a Chicago garbage truck accident attorney could help, call today.