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Chicago Highway Accident Lawyer

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the country, and it has a large and complex network of expressways and interstate highways. Due to the high volume of traffic and large number of trucks on Chicago’s expressways, serious accidents are all too common.

If you were hurt in a crash and have concerns about how to cover your medical expenses and lost wages, help is available. Contact a Chicago highway accident lawyer for help with your case.

Unique Aspects of Major Roadway Crashes

Rear-end car accidents on the highway are common during rush hour in the city. Distracted driving is a huge problem in Chicago and across the country, and drivers may cause accidents when they do not pay attention or are focused on their smartphones. When people do not pay attention to the road, they may not recognize that the traffic in front of them has slowed.

Because of the high speeds involved, an accident on the interstate or another major highway is likely to result in severe injuries. Additionally, the high volume of traffic means one accident may cause several more. Other vehicles that are traveling to quickly or following too closely may not be able to stop in time to avoid an accident happening ahead.

Accident Response in the Chicago Area

Sometimes after an accident on the highways during rush hour, the driver may call the Chicago police or the state police. The police may tell them they are unable to get to them in a reasonable period of time due to the volume of traffic. If the cars are drivable and no one is injured, the parties involved in the accident may be given instructions to drive to the nearest police station and make a report.

The Illinois Department of Transportation and the City of Chicago have tow trucks stationed at different sections of the highway, and there are areas designated for traffic crash removal. Damaged vehicles are quickly moved off of the highway to allow traffic to flow again. The tow trucks or wreckers arrive on the scene, hook up the cars, and drag them to the nearest area that allows them to pull the car off of the expressway. Because of the quick response, it is most important to take pictures as to the location of the cars at the moment of impact.

Steps to Take After a Crash

When someone is involved in an accident on a major roadway, it is critical to take steps to ensure their safety and prevent further harm. Vehicles may be speeding by the accident scene, and if accident victims are still in the road, they risk a second impact.

The next thing the individual should do is seek medical attention. They should make an assessment of themselves, and if an ambulance comes, make a determination about whether they need to be removed from the scene by an ambulance. If the individual believes they are okay to stay at the scene, only then should they start to gather information.

When possible, accident victims may take pictures of their vehicle and the other cars involved in the crash. It is also helpful to document the position of the vehicles, the area around the accident, and anything else that may help identify the case. Once pictures are taken and the police arrive on scene, the person should cooperate fully and make sure a police report is created.

The individual should then immediately contact an attorney. Especially when trucking companies are involved, it is important for victims to make sure their rights are protected immediately. Waiting to contact an attorney can be one of the most devastating mistakes in an automobile accident claim. A lawyer could immediately put the insurance companies on notice, gather important evidence, and help facilitate the medical treatment. They assemble medical records and build a case to its maximum value in pursuit of fair compensation.

Contact a Chicago Highway Accident Attorney

If you were involved in a crash on an expressway or interstate in the Chicago area, consider seeking help from a car accident attorney. Trying to take on a large insurance company alone can feel overwhelming, especially when you are recovering from your injuries. A Chicago highway accident lawyer could step in to shield you from insurance adjusters and fight for your interests. Call now for a consultation.