Millions of families place their elderly loved ones in a nursing home where their medical and day-to-day needs can be met. In doing so, they place significant trust in the facility to provide their family member with the proper support and love that they once did.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen as it should. The fragile and vulnerable nature of an elderly individual can be easily manipulated by negligent staff members, and the standard of care that is supposedly upheld at these homes may not be exactly what was promised upon the first visit.

Fortunately, nursing homes and elder care facilities can be held legally responsible by a dedicated personal injury attorney when an act of negligence or abuse on their premises causes harm to a resident. In dire circumstances such as these, consider seeking the assistance of a skilled Bolingbrook nursing home abuse lawyer who could fight for justice on your behalf and work to hold the appropriate parties accountable for their actions. En Español.

Common Types of Elder Abuse in Bolingbrook

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, approximately 1,200 long-term care facilities reside in Illinois. These facilities are licensed, regulated and inspected by the Illinois Department of Public Health, which also oversees how the facility operates.

Unfortunately, despite these regulatory processes, there are countless acts that may leave a nursing home or elder facility susceptible to a lawsuit based either on an employee’s conduct or an ongoing practice at the facility. In addition, the failure to properly train and supervise employees can lead to a variety of physical and emotional injuries.

While physical abuse is one of the most prevalent types of nursing home abuse, seniors are also susceptible to emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and financial exploitation. Some noticeable signs of abuse or neglect may include:

  • Malnourishment
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Unexplained bruises, marks, and lacerations
  • Torn or bloody clothing
  • Hysteria or visible distress

Proving Liability in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Nursing homes in Illinois are required to adhere to a standard of care set forth by federal regulations in order to receive funding from Medicare and Medicaid. For instance, they must ensure that the facility remains free of any accidental hazards and provide each resident with adequate supervision and assistance devices to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Failure to comply with any federal regulation may result in a potential lawsuit against the nursing home. Negligence on behalf of staff members, including physical and emotional abuse, may come into play as well.

In Bolingbrook, nursing home residents are entitled to a substantial amount of protection under both state and federal laws to ensure a safe and protected living environment. Once a formal complaint is filed, an inspection would occur to determine whether the home is compliant with the law, and whether negligence or abuse is active in the facility. Throughout this process, a Bolingbrook nursing home abuse lawyer could represent a person’s best interests and argue in favor of compensation for their injuries and losses.

Let a Bolingbrook Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Help

Discovering a family member has suffered from nursing home abuse can provoke powerful feelings of frustration, anger, and sorrow. These compounding emotions can make it difficult to effectively pursue justice for your family member, especially if the facility where the abuse or neglect occurs contests the accusation levied against them.

Professional legal help could make approaching the situation with a cool, level head easier, which is just the kind of help a knowledgeable Bolingbrook nursing home abuse lawyer could provide. Call today to get in touch with a compassionate personal injury attorney who could fight for accountability and justice on your and your loved one’s behalf.

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