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Why You Need to Take Notes After a Car Accident

The moments after a car accident can be very frantic. You are left wondering: “What happened?”, “Am I okay?”, “Did anybody else get hurt?” These are all valid questions, and it’s perfectly normal to have them running through your mind. However, it is important to collect your thoughts and focus.

Car accidents are multi-layered events that involve people, places, and things. It will be hard for you to remember everything later so it is very important to take notes. Notes help you to pinpoint specific facts and can be used as evidence during a case. Learn more about taking notes after a car accident.

First hand-accounts

After you’ve been involved in a car accident, a police officer will likely come to the scene of the accident and write a police report. This report will be very vital to your case, but it is important to remember who’s writing it. The officer is giving an account of the accident from his or her own perspective. They will likely include things pertaining to laws that you may not be aware of or know about. A personal first-hand account helps you to give your version of the story. You can talk about what you saw, felt, or heard during the accident.

If you have and passengers in the car, you can interview them to find out what they saw or what injuries they have received. You can also talk to the other driver and write down everything they say. In court or mediation, it will be our word against theirs. It is important to have a clear account of what was said so that nothing can be misconstrued during proceedings.

Always have a pen and paper handy in your glove compartment or somewhere else in your car. If not, you can use your smartphone to record voice notes or to jot things down. Be sure to store the notes in a safe place or back-up your phone so files won’t be permanently deleted.


In addition to taking pictures of injuries, record the injuries in a journal. Write down how you felt, the emergency room visit, any medications you’ve used, dates of doctor appointments, and anything else you can document.

Keeping your own medical records will prove valuable in the long run. It helps you to track treatment, progress, and the deterioration of your condition. It also counts as further evidence to bolster your case.


Be sure to write down the damage done to your vehicle due to the accident. Write down everything the mechanic tells you about the damages as well as money spent on repairs.

The Insurance Company

It is also very important that you record all your interactions with the insurance company. Write down the dates, name of the agent, anything they promise or imply, as well as length of phone conversations.

Car Accident Lawyer

Your car accident attorney will be very glad that you recorded all of the events surrounding the car accident. Not only does this help them fight your case, it also provides you with details regarding the effect the car accident has had on your life. The attorneys of Disparti Law group are on your side. We are located in Florida and Illinois with offices in Tampa and Chicago. We will work with you to sort through the case and get the justice you rightfully deserve. Contact us now.

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