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I Slipped and Fell on Ice, What Can I Do?

One of the biggest causes of injuries across the country, whether at home or at work, is a slip and fall accident. During the winter, especially in areas with a large amount of ice and snow, slip and fall accidents tend to increase. However, because winter weather is naturally slick, slip and fall accidents that take place during this time of year are often very complicated from a legal standpoint.
While it may be hard to prove fault, you should be able to successfully file an injury lawsuit after slipping on ice. Learn more about filing an injury lawsuit after slipping on ice and find out how a Chicago personal injury lawyer can help you win your case.

Thoroughly Investigate the Fall

Directly after you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, one of the most important things you can do is to fully document the scene. If you wait too long, it’s likely that any evidence that speaks to your case, such as ice accumulations, will have disappeared, which means you must act quickly and decisively.

If police or paramedics were at the scene of your fall, you should acquire any reports that they may have written up. It’s also a good idea to collect eyewitness testimony, as this can be useful later on when constructing your case. Finally, you should take pictures and video evidence of the accident scene, making sure to fully document the icy areas that led to your fall.

Where Did You Fall?

A deciding factor in how successful your injury lawsuit will be is where you fell. For example, if your icy slip and fall accident happened at a large chain business, your case will be much more difficult to win, as these stores often have indemnity contracts and agreements with snow removal services that help to insulate them from legal action.

Before you file suit, you should consult with a Chicago personal injury lawyer. A local attorney will often have a better understanding of liability when it comes to slip and fall cases, and they will be able you when to file your suit and who to file against.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Lastly, although you may not realize it, the weather during your slip and fall accident may be crucial in your ability to win your injury lawsuit. For example, if your fall happened while ice or snow was falling, it will be very difficult for you to prove fault since no one can reasonably be held responsible for precipitation. Examining the weather conditions at the time of your fall will let you know whether or not you have grounds to file a suit.

Hire a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Injury Lawsuit

Slip and fall accidents during the winter can result in some of the most devastating injuries that a person will suffer, which means that you deserve a settlement to help with your recovery. If you’re considering filing an injury lawsuit after you’ve slipped on ice, you need to hire an excellent Chicago personal injury lawyer from the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers

The lawyers at the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers have the experience necessary to handle your case so that you get the restitution you deserve. Speak with one of our representatives today so that we can start fighting for you.

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