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Is There a Waiting Period for Social Security Disability?

If you’re interested in receiving social security disability benefits, you will need to file a claim with the Social Security Administration. Once they have reviewed your case, they will determine your eligibility. If you get approved, you will be entered into the system to start receiving benefits.

The entire process can be time consuming to complete. Claims can be resolved in as little as 30 days or as long as two years. The process varies because the administration does not impose deadlines on case filings or applications. The rise in disability claims has also increased over the years which may lead to a back-up in court cases. Claimants are allowed to file appeals if their claim gets denied and these hearings are scheduled.

Despite the varying acceptance schedule, the administration does have a waiting period before approved claimants can start receiving benefits. The standard waiting period is five months. During this time, the administration calculates the back payments owed to you. This article will tell you more about the process and how a social security disability lawyer can help

Established Onset Date

The EOD, also known as the established onset date, is the date the SSA considers the claimant disabled. This date can go back as far as seventeen months if the SSA has previously denied the claim. The EOD is the date the SSA will use as a starting point for benefits.

The Application Date

The date of entitlement is the date that you are considered officially disabled by the administration. Regulation states that the entitlement date cannot be more than 12 months before the application date. However, the administration has the authority to set the entitlement date back to seventeen months if they find you are undeniably disabled and have been denied benefits.

In rare circumstances, the date of entitlement is given after the application process has started. The SSA uses a team of medical experts to evaluate your claims and diagnose patients as severely disabled. If you are initially denied benefits, you can file an appeal. You will be given a hearing date with an administrative law judge. It can take 6-18 months for your case to be heard by the judge. Once the initial ruling is overturned, the administration will make up for lost time by giving you an earlier entitlement date.


The SSA does grant exceptions to persons who fit into one or more of these categories:

  • Dependents: If you are a child of a disabled worker, you qualify for dependent benefits.
  • Reinstatement: claimants that have been approved for benefits, stopped receiving them and need to reapply will not be subject to a reinstatement period.
  • SSI: If you are a recipient of SSI or supplemental security income, you are immediately eligible for disability benefits.

If you believe you should be exempt from the waiting period, contact a Chicago SSDI lawyer to advise you.

Contact a Chicago SSDI Lawyer at Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers

The Disparti law group is an exceptional team of social security disability lawyers that work hard to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. If you have any questions about your case or you would like to start the claims process, contact a Chicago SSDI lawyer today. We have professionals standing by to offer a free case review.

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