Insurance Adjusters: What Should You Know About Them?

Have you ever found yourself wondering in frustration what an insurance adjuster even is, after you’ve had a serious accident? These people can seem like nothing more than obstacles to you getting the compensation you rightfully deserve for the injuries you suffer. They make lowball offers, they try to bully you, and they won’t listen to the injury you’ve suffered.

Insurance adjusters can be very frustrating, especially when all you’re trying to do is get the money you deserve to get your life back under control. Learn how to answer the question, “what is an insurance adjuster?” and why seeking help from a qualified attorney can get you the settlement you deserve.

What Is an Insurance Adjuster?

Answering the question, “what is an insurance adjuster?” is actually fairly straightforward. At the most basic level, an insurance adjuster is someone whose job it is to settle an injury case, quickly and at as low a level as possible.

Insurance adjusters sometimes work directly for the insurance company. Other times they are independent and are brought in on a contract basis. Regardless, their performance is measured by the number of cases they can resolve fast, and on how little they pay out. Often, they could even be limited to as low as $5,000 in what they’re allowed to offer. Even the most experienced ones may be limited to as little as $20,000 without permission from superiors.

Getting What Your Case Is Worth

Because their job is to resolve a case without elevating it to a superior, claims adjusters will go to great lengths to avoid going above their limit. They very likely aren’t even familiar with your case beyond a cursory glance, but they’ll try to blame you for the incident. They’ll try to strongarm you or bully you into just signing off, sometimes threatening you with nothing if you refuse.

To get what your case is worth, there are two things you need to remember. First, you know what your case is worth. You know what you’ve suffered and you know what your lost wages cost, what your mounting medical bills say, and what kind of pain and suffering you’ve endured. Secondly, you’re within your rights to tell them that you’re going to refer them to your attorney.

Working with an Attorney

If you’ve been in an accident and are hitting a wall with the claims adjuster, don’t throw your hands up in frustration and ask, “what is an insurance adjuster?” Instead, call on the services of an experienced personal injury attorney. The right attorney can stand in your corner and refuse to let an adjuster bully you into accepting a low offer for your injury.

At Disparti Law Group, we have helped many people across the nation get significant compensation for their injuries, including millions in total accumulated settlements over the years. We are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve. Instead of fighting an ongoing battle with the insurance company, give us a call for more information and a free consultation about your case today.

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