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    How important is Christmas Tree Safety?


    Christmas trees are beautiful, and a reminder of everything the season is all about: fellowship, serenity, and warmth. Unfortunately, they can also turn into a disaster. Hundreds of Christmas tree fires occur every, and there are a shocking number of deaths and thousands in property damage annually. Sadly, many of these incidents are tied directly to careless decorating.

    The best way to avoid fires during the holiday season is to simply exercise some extra care, and pay close attention to how and where you place your decorations. Learn some important Christmas tree safety tips that are vital to keeping you, your family and your beloved guests safe and sound this holiday season.

    Christmas Tree Safety Tips

    If there’s a top piece of advice among all Christmas tree safety tips, one thing that encompasses all others, it’s “pay attention.” Use a lot of care and attentiveness from top to bottom, and be aware of everything you’re doing and how you’re decorating your home. With a little-added vigilance, you can avoid tragedy and disaster while keeping your home beautiful and serene all season.

    Choosing and Setting up Your Tree

    Your guide to Christmas safety begins when you choose your tree. Going with the cheapest may not be the safest option. If the tree drops needles as soon as you touch it, it’s a bad choice. That means it’s dying and drying out, and it could be a fire hazard as a result. Get one that’s firm with needles that stay in place.

    When you get home, cut two inches from the trunk bottom, and make sure you put the tree on a stand with water. Add fresh water daily to keep the tree moist and strong; this will help to resist the dangers of fire, as it will soak up the water to maintain itself. Finally, don’t put the tree near heat sources, whether it’s open flames like candles or heating vents in the home.

    Lighting Concerns

    Many Christmas Tree fires result from lighting and electrical issues. When you’re lighting the tree, check it over very closely for broken or burned-out bulbs, empty sockets and potential short-circuits. Poor or faulty lighting and wiring are responsible for a lot of tragic incidents.

    When you plug in your lights, put them on a power strip with a surge protector. Be careful, however, to never plug a strip into a strip—this risks overloading your circuits, resulting in disaster. When you leave the house, also be sure to turn off the lights. Although they might look pretty from the window, they can catch fire when you’re not around to stop the flames from spreading!

    Legal Help for Careless Injuries

    If you do get hurt over the holidays and it’s the fault of someone behaving in a reckless or negligent manner, you may be able to collect damages. The right injury attorney can help you get compensated for medical bills, emotional damage, pain and suffering, relationship damage and more. If this has happened to you, Disparti Law Group can help. Give us a call today for a free case consultation.

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