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Florida Workers’ Compensation: Is Your Injury Covered?

Suffering a work-related injury can be a very frustrating and difficult situation. Many questions will run through your head regarding recovery time, lost wages, and other subsequent affects you may experience. To get through such a difficult situation, you must first educate yourself on your state and company laws regarding workers’ compensation and your rights.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation (comp) is a form of insurance provided by the government through an employer for those who have suffered a work-related illness or injury. The insurance recovers lost wages and medical treatment for injured employees. Medical treatment includes physical therapy, prescriptions, and prosthetics.

Your workplace should be contacted as soon as you are admitted to the hospital for any work-related injury. It is the employer’s insurance company that mandates your doctor and other medical treatments. Recovery of lost wages depends on the severity of the injury and the length of time you are unable to work.

However, most plans do not allow you to receive 100% of your lost income. Temporary total disability may cover 80% of lost wages for up to six months after the initial accident. Temporary Partial Disability enables you to recover lost wages when the doctor orders you back to work under limited duty. Impairment and Permanent Total Disability Benefits cover workers who suffer significant injuries that permanently affect their ability to work.

When to Report Your Injury

You must report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. If you are at the hospital, tell the administrator processing your insurance. If your employer does not report the injury to their insurance company, you reserve the right to inform the company yourself. The employer has seven days to alert their insurance carrier.

It is important that you follow all safety precautions outlined by your employer. If the insurance company finds out that you did not follow proper protocol before the accident, your wage benefits can be reduced by 25 percent. In industries such as construction where work-related injuries are more prone to happen, employers are required to provide workers’ comp. In other industries, workers’ comp is required if they employ four or more employees.

Types of Injury Covered

Workers comp covers any and all work-related injuries caused by an accident or occupational hazard. If an employee suffers from any disease or infection do to the work-related injury, it is also covered by workers’ comp. Death caused by work injury is also covered. Workers comp covers all physical work-related injuries. However, mental and emotional distress, such as pain and suffering, is not covered by Florida workers’ comp. This includes any fears, dislikes, or phobias you may experience while at work. It is ultimately up to the insurance company to decide what injuries are covered under their workers’ comp plan.

Finding a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In the event that you are not sure if your injury is covered, you need a legal professional that understands the many complications of the process. The Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers has the legal expertise you need to receive the best care and compensation for your injury.

It is important that you have a workers’ compensation attorney by your side to address the insurance company, doctors, and your employer as they may try to fight your case. Contact the Disparti Group now to learn about your options in your workers’ comp case.

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