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How to File for Social Security Disability in Chicago

Social Security provides a sort of safety net for those who are seriously injured to the point where they suffer disability and are unable to work. Each state has its own laws regarding how Social Security works; these laws work in conjunction with federal statutes to enable you to make ends meet while unable to work. In Illinois, the department that fosters social security is the Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled program (AABD). Federal programs that attach to social security are SSI and SSDI. Learn how to file for social security disability in Chicago and how to avoid the missteps that can complicate the process for you.

Social Security Disability

SSDI stands for “Social Security Disability Insurance.” It is the process by which those who suffer a disabling illness or injury can obtain federal funds to allow them to pay their bills and live when you are unable to hold down a job as a result of your injury. It combines with Supplemental Security Income and the state AABD program.

How Much You Can Get

The Federal limit on SSI is $710 per month. If this doesn’t cover your monthly expenses, you can apply to the AABD program to supplement the amount you get from the federal government. A somewhat complex formula is used to determine the amount for which you are eligible under this program. Your Social Security attorney can help you to understand how all of this works.

The amount of income you receive can offset the amount of Social Security to which you are entitled. If you have too much income to qualify for Social Security, you may still be eligible for AABD assistance. Finally, qualification for SSI does not automatically make you eligible for Medicaid, but AABD eligibility does qualify you to receive Medicaid.

Applying for Social Security

Applying for social security can be done right online, through the website and the Illinois Department of Human Services website. You can also visit your local DHS and Social Security offices to apply in person. Initially, your application will be reviewed by the Illinois department of Disability Determination Services (DDS) before being sent to the federal government for processing. Many people who apply for SSI are denied on their first attempt. If this happens, don’t panic!

If You Are Denied

If your first application is denied, this doesn’t mean you can’t get SSI, but it does mean that you might have to fight for your benefits. At this time, it’s always a good idea to have a qualified and expert SSI attorney in your corner. A good lawyer can help you figure out what missteps you might have made (if any) and how to correct them to get back on course.

Since most attorneys offer free consultation, you have little to lose by speaking to one but everything to gain. If you are having difficulty applying for Social Security, we are here to help. Read some more about SSI in Illinois, and give us a call for a consultation on your case today!

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