Disparti Law Group at the Englewood Parade

On Saturday, August 18, 2018, the Disparti Law Group took to the streets of Chicago to participate in the Englewood Back to School Parade. The parade is the second oldest African-American parade in the city of Chicago and takes place every year in the Englewood neighborhood to help make education attainable for all of Englewood’s youth.

The Disparti Law Group was a proud sponsor of the parade with a $1,500 donation. They also gave away over 500 backpacks to help equip children with the necessary supplies as they head back to school this year. While attorneys handed out backpacks, hundreds of youths of all ages marched, danced, and flipped past them in a celebration of the progress and vitality of the Englewood community.

The Disparti Law Group is proud to have participated in the Englewood Back to School Parade with its long history of combating youth crises. Willie Pittman conceptualized the idea for the parade in 1962 when he saw increasing numbers of Englewood youth succumbing to pressures to join gangs and other unlawful groups. In response to the growing issue, Pittman established the Englewood Back to School Parade, a non-profit corporation that aims to keep all of Englewood’s Youth in school as a way to reduce crime.

With over 30 years of helping Chicago residents through legal issues, attorneys at the Disparti Law Group hope to continue giving back to the community in meaningful ways. Any Chicago residents who need legal counsel in a personal injury case should not hesitate to contact our compassionate attorneys.

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