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If you have been following the news, then you must have heard the latest information about Carmen Navarro Gercone. The Cook County Electoral Board had declared that she was ineligible to run in the Democratic primary. However, Carmen decided to appeal the case with the help of the Disparti Law Group. And she is now back on the ballot, thanks to her legal team. “This win is not about politics or supporting a certain candidate. It’s more about open and fair elections,” said Larry Disparti after receiving the ruling.

Navarro was kicked out of the primary ballot following a law that took effect this year. The law requires anybody running as a Sheriff to be a certified law enforcement officer. Although Navarro wasn’t a sworn officer, she had trained as a corrections officer, and at one time, she was a sergeant, a lieutenant, and chief assistant at the sheriff’s office.

The board that decided that Navarro was ineligible consisted of designees from three countywide officeholders. These board members voted to have Navarro removed from the ballot, apart from Martinez, who voted to keep her on the ballot.

After the board voted against her, Navarro decided to appeal the case. With the help of her legal team consisting of attorneys Cass T. Casper, from Disparti Law Group, the court overturned the board’s decision. The Circuit Court issued a ruling that approved having Navarro’s name on the Cook County Sheriff’s race ballot.

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The ruling is a big win for the law firm and the people of Cook County. Disparti Law Group is Chicago’s leader in Employment Law.  With over 1 Billion in recoveries, it has been voted one of the most influential law firm’s in America by Trial Lawyer Magazine.

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