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    4 Proven Ways to Quickly Get Approved for SSDI Benefits


    According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), first-time Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applicants get a decision on their qualification status in three to five months. The long wait is even more frustrating when you consider that roughly 65% of these applications get rejected.

    Luckily, today we reveal 4 proven ways to help you get approved quickly for SSDI Benefits. Read on to ensure you get the relief you need during these difficult times.

    Work with a Qualified Attorney

    You stand a higher chance of getting approved for SSDI benefits when working with a qualified attorney. They understand how the system works and can help you quickly get approved. Equally, the entire process can seem complicated, but an SSDI lawyer can help simplify everything for you. However, ensure you pick a local SSDI lawyer with years of experience.

    File Your Application Immediately

    As stated earlier, the SSDI application typically takes a while to process. Therefore, it would be best if you file your application as soon as possible. Equally, you will end up spending more on the filing process if it takes too long. However, ensure all critical data is included in your application – including diagnosed disabilities and medical records.

    Seek Proper Medical Care

    You substantially increase your chances of getting SSDI benefits when you get proper medical care. Ensure you complete the tests and keep the supporting documents. These records strengthen your case and maximize your chances of getting approved. Lack of sufficient evidence is among the leading causes of denied disability benefits.

    Avoid Work

    Concentrate more on your case after filing the SSDI claim. People who seem disabled to work will stand a higher chance of getting SSDI benefits. Equally, you may contradict the claims in your case if you go back to work. Therefore, avoid working until you get the SSDI approved.

    Pro Tips

    Terminal Illness Gets You Immediate Payments

    Your SSDI claim is expedited when you suffer from a terminal illness. However, your doctor has to certify that you suffer from a terminal condition. You will also qualify for immediate SSDI payments if you are on the nationwide list awaiting a major organ transplant.

    Presumptive Disability Gets You Payments Before Formal Approval

    The SSA may approve immediate payments if you are suffering from a select number of conditions. For instance, total blindness gets you payments before formal approval, while partial blindness does not. Other conditions that fall under the ‘presumptive disability’ bracket include:

    • Leg amputation at the hip
    • Total deafness
    • Inability to complete simple tasks such as bathing and eating
    • Stroke that results in impaired mobility
    • End-stage renal disease
    • Cerebral palsy that leads to difficulty in using hands, speaking, or walking
    • A condition with a life expectancy of below six months

    The Bottom Line

    A social security disability lawyer will get you the compensation you deserve. At Disparti Law Group, we work with you through the entire process to ensure you get maximum benefits. Don’t wait,  contact us today and get your life back on track.

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