2019 Service to Humanity Scholarship Winner

Winner: Amanda C. Wise

I am an Omaha, Nebraska native. Outside of a brief internship in Washington State, and a short residence in Iowa, I have lived in Omaha most of my life. I embrace Omaha’s four seasons; however, this winter tested my resilience! Since childhood, I have proudly watched Omaha expand its cultural, entertainment, and educational horizons.
I live with my husband, and with two of our five children. We are a blended family with five children, and with 2 grandchildren. Much of our family time is spent between practices, performances, outings, church & volunteering.
I have a degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and I have degrees in Occupational Therapy and Health and Wellness Coaching from Creighton University. I value individual time with people. Using the holistic, person-centered profession of O.T., I see Health and Wellness Coaching theory and practice as an ideal complement to my vocation. Relationships foster the communication and trust necessary for a person to achieve optimal self-realization. Moving beyond individual interventions, I hope to engage persons at the next level by acquiring a Doctorate Degree because I hope to teach and to conduct research. Going forward, my vocation will encompass ways in which families and communities access and integrate holistic health and wellness strategies, achieving lifestyles as independent, injury, pain and illness free as possible.


Thank you for acknowledging volunteerism, and for creating this learning opportunity with the Service to Humanity Scholarship. I am blessed and humbled by the generosity of the Disparti Law Firm. The firm’s vision to further academic excellence by recognizing community service inspires me. This generous gift is a remarkable support as I pursue graduate school. I will remember this gift as I study, volunteer and work. I will carry with me the firm’s priority of community outreach as I work towards making lifestyle medicine and occupational therapy a wholistic approach for persons across their lifespan.