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What to Watch Out for When Filing for Disability

When you suffer a disabling injury or illness that leaves you unable to work, you may need to turn to Social Security to help make ends meet. There are several ways you can apply for SSI, but unfortunately, there are also many missteps and mistakes to avoid. Many people find that their initial application is denied for some [...]

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Social Security: How to Appeal Denied Claims

Social Security is supposed to be a safety net, more than just for retirees, but for those people who suffer injuries and illnesses that leave them disabled and unable to work. For many, however, the quest to receive these benefits turns into a struggle. What do you do if you are unable to hold down gainful employment, but [...]

May 3rd, 2016|Social Security|0 Comments

How to Tell if You’re Eligible for Social Security Disability

Most of us know or have heard of someone who is “on disability.” This means that the person in question is collecting benefits from the federal and state governments to help them pay bills and meet their monthly expenses after suffering an injury, illness or other condition that renders them unable to hold down a regular job. Often, [...]

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How to File for Social Security Disability in Chicago

Social Security provides a sort of safety net for those who are seriously injured to the point where they suffer disability and are unable to work. Each state has its own laws regarding how Social Security works; these laws work in conjunction with federal statutes to enable you to make ends meet while unable to work. In Illinois, [...]

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