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I Lost My Car in the Accident, What Do I Do?

When you’re in an accident and the insurer comes back with a decision that your car is a total loss, you might be wracked with stress and concern. What do you do now? Is there any way you can get your vehicle fixed? What if you know your car is worth more than they are [...]

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Things to Consider When Getting Your Car Repaired

When you’re in an accident, there are two important things you want: to have any injuries covered, and to get the damages to your car repaired. The process for doing this, you would think, should be simple. Unfortunately, there always seem to be hurdles that get in the way, and fighting to get the coverage [...]

November 8th, 2016|Car Accident|0 Comments

Can Passengers Get Compensated If They’re Hurt in a Car Accident?

Even if you’re just the passenger in a car accident, you can still obtain compensation for injuries the accident causes. You medical treatments and other accident-related expenses can be placed into a compensation claim with the liable party’s insurance company. To navigate this complex process, it’s helpful to have the knowledge of a Tampa personal [...]

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What To Do If You’re in a Hit and Run Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is never fun. Even when no one has been hurt and all drivers are present to exchange insurance information and talk with law enforcement, dealing with a car accident is a major headache. When one driver decides to flee the scene, however, recovering your losses can become exponentially more difficult. [...]

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Car Accident Settlements: What to Expect After Your Case

Car Accident Settlements: What to Expect After Your Case Car accident cases are often a long, grueling process that requires lots of strength and resolve. The subsequent case can also be very difficult to navigate. This is why it is important to have an experienced car accident attorney on your side to help you get [...]

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5 Important Safety Tips for Your Labor Day Road Trip

5 Important Safety Tips for Your Labor Day Road Trip Road trips can be fun and exhausting, but the memories they create make them well worth it. If a road trip is part of your Labor Day plans, here are five important safety measures to put in place before your trip to make it enjoyable—and [...]

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Why You Need to Take Notes After a Car Accident

Why You Need to Take Notes After a Car Accident The moments after a car accident can be very frantic. You are left wondering: “What happened?”, “Am I okay?”, “Did anybody else get hurt?” These are all valid questions, and it’s perfectly normal to have them running through your mind. However, it is important to [...]

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Are You Hurt? The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Are You Hurt? The Most Common Car Accident Injuries We all hope that it will never happen to us or our loved ones, but the truth of the matter is that over three million people in the United States are injured in car accidents each and every year. From slipping and sliding on black ice [...]

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What a Lawyer Can Do for You After a Big Truck Accident

If you have suffered a bad commercial truck accident, things can get very stressful, very quickly. In addition to actual physical injury, property damages are likely to go through the roof, and when the trucking or insurance companies refuse to compensate you, it might seem as if you are suddenly all out of options. Thankfully, [...]

July 28th, 2016|Truck Accident|0 Comments

How Fault is Determined in a Commercial Truck Accident

It is never fun getting involved in a car accident, and it is even worse when the other vehicle was a commercial truck. Now you have to deal with extensive physical and property damages and if the trucking company or insurance provider is avoiding paying you the compensation you deserve, you might feel a little [...]

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