Qualifications for SSI in Tampa Overview

Supplemental security income is more of a financial need-based program, so the Social Security Administration (SSA) is going to consider a person’s assets before they even do an analysis of their physical or mental health impairments. They are going to be looking at household income, ownership of certain assets, money, bank accounts, and retirement accounts. Therefore, it is important to understand the qualifications for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Tampa and whether you meet them.

A well-versed SSI lawyer can fully examine your circumstances to determine your options. If you qualify for SSI benefits, an attorney can help you submit the best application possible to help you get the benefits you are entitled to. Throughout the application process, an attorney can be a skilled guide.

How Marital Status Can Affect an Application

If a person is married, the SSA is going to assess their spouse’s income and determine whether that disqualifies them for SSI benefits. If a person still does qualify, there is typically a set amount for SSI payments. However, that amount can fluctuate depending on household income. In other words, if a claimant is married, their spouse’s income could potentially lower their monthly income from SSI. An attorney can help determine how a person’s marital status may affect their claim.

Income Qualifications

SSA will not only consider spousal income or household income that could affect a claimant’s ability to qualify for SSI payments, but they will also consider the claimant’s own personal income. If they have an income, it can lower the amount of SSI income they have each month. For example, if a person is found disabled, it may be best if they are not working if they are going to be collecting SSI payments because they may receive less money.

How Does Someone’s Living Situation Determine their SSI Payments?

A person’s living situation can determine their SSI payments because Social Security is going to be looking at household income and whether they are receiving other sources of support. They will look at whether the claimant is living in a house with dependent children, with a spouse, or with someone who they have been with for a significant amount of time but they are not married to. They are going to be looking at all types of income in their household to potentially qualify or disqualify them from receiving SSI payments.

A Knowledgeable Attorney Can Discuss Qualifications for SSI in Tampa

An experienced Tampa SSI lawyer can help you figure out whether you qualify for supplemental security income. An attorney knows the qualifications for SSI in Tampa or what can potentially disqualify a person from receiving benefits. A lawyer can ask questions that will help you determine whether or not you qualify. In the event you are awarded disability, our lawyers have staff on board who know how to assess how much you might qualify for or what you need to notify Social Security about to make sure you are maximizing your benefits. To discuss your options with a qualified attorney, call today for a free consultation.

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