Short-Term Disability Lawyer Overview

When a person becomes seriously ill or injured and their condition is severe enough to prevent them from working, they may qualify for short-term disability benefits. These benefits are exclusively available to people whose injuries or illnesses are sustained outside of the workplace. If you are suffering from a physical injury or debilitating illness that prevents you from earning a wage for your family, short-term disability benefits can offer you and your family the financial security that you need. The short-term disability attorneys at the Disparti Law Group understand how critical these benefits can be, and we work to help people gain access to these resources. En Español.

Injuries That May Require Short-term Disability

Though the benefit amount is subject to change, short-term disability benefits typically cover slightly more than half of an individual’s lost wages. People can usually collect short-term disability benefits when:

  • Injuries are sustained at home
  • Injuries are sustained in car accidents
  • A person is affected by a serious illness like pneumonia

These benefits can be critical in providing you with the financial support that you need as you face a serious injury or illness, and an attorney can be instrumental in helping you secure these benefits.

Contact a Short-term Disability Attorney Today

At the Disparti Law Group, our short-term disability attorneys understand the financial security that such benefits can offer you and your family as you recover, and we are dedicated to helping you receive them when you qualify. To discuss the particulars of your situation with one of our experienced lawyers today, please call (813) 932-2942.