The Disparti Law Group is representing a transgender police officer who was outed and discriminated against by the defendants. She is a recruit of Metra Police and believes she was singled out because of her gender identity. Metra employed her and sent her to the CCSO Police academy in the spring/summer of 2018, where he was outed by her peers. She is a member of a protected class, having transitioned to female from male.

With the assistance of the Disparti Law Group, she has filed a suit against the defendants, Cook County, Illinois, Northeast Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation (“Metra”), and 7 other named defendants for disclosing her transgender status and failing to put an end to the discrimination and harassment that resulted from this disclosure. She is seeking no less than [enter amount] in damages. The suit alleges that her colleagues frequently made comments relating to her sexual orientation. Besides mockery and snide comments, the suit includes charges that her colleagues failed to support her when she called in for support.

The Disparti Law Group is proud and honored to represent her and is dedicated to fighting discrimination against anyone and anywhere. The law firm recognizes that employment discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is a pervasive and ongoing problem in law enforcement agencies.  No industry is safe from sexual discrimination and harassment. Many types of inappropriate sexual behaviors exist in workplaces throughout Chicago – including police departments.

“Disparti Law Group has filed a federal lawsuit against the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and Metra based on leaking information about a police recruit’s transgender status to the public. The Sheriff’s and Metra’s actions caused an egregious hostile work environment for our client, and Disparti intends to seek major compensation for her distress and suffering,” said Larry Disparti.

She was diagnosed with a medical condition called gender dysphoria and is alleging violations of her 14th Amendment substantive due process and equal protection rights under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 for disclosure of confidential medical information and failure to supervise and protect.

Through no fault of her own, she was outed as transgender by defendants who did not sufficiently protect her private medical information and protected status. She was taunted and embarrassed by rank-and-file recruits and other employees. And no measures were taken to stop this behavior.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office and Metra must take responsibility for the culture of sexual discrimination that pervades these departments. Disparti Law Group believes that being transgender is not a crime.

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