Applying for social security disability benefits in Chicago can be an overwhelming process, as it requires the applicant to submit several forms. Because SSA evaluates disability based on strict criteria, properly filling in the forms and supplying supporting documentation is a critical step toward a favorable ruling.

To increase their chances of success, many applicants choose to retain an experienced SSDI attorney from the very beginning of the process. A lawyer can help assemble a strong application or guide someone through the process of challenging a denial.

Filling Out Form SSA-336-BK, the Adult Disability Report

Form SSA-336-BK, or the Adult Disability Report, is designed to capture key information about an individual, including identifying information. The individual indicates their medical conditions and background such as:

  • Level of education
  • Work history
  • Medical treatment

The Adult Disability Report creates a baseline for Social Security, including medical conditions to compare against the objective evidence. The idea behind this is that there tends to be more skilled job opportunities for individuals who have a higher education.

Age is another factor considered by the SSA. If someone is either closely approaching advanced age (i.e. 50-54) or of advanced age (55 and up), eliminating past work can be enough to obtain a favorable decision. In such cases, work history is a highly significant factor. Additionally, a history of medical treatment helps Social Security know the type of treatment the applicant is receiving.

Work History Report, Form SSA-3369-BK

Form SSA-3369-BK, Work History Report, is designed to provide information about the person’s previous 15 years of employment, including job titles and job duties. The form is designed to capture specific information about the nature of the person’s work duties, such as standing, sitting, bending, stooping, kneeling, or crouching. It also identifies the environmental factors they were exposed to, such as dust and pulmonary irritants. When lifting is part of the job, the form indicates the weight the individual was required to lift. The goal is to capture a clear picture of a person’s past work and compare it to their current functional capacity to determine whether they can return previous work.

For example, someone may have past work that allowed them to sit, but the work is skilled. Due to the person’s current mental health limitations, they are now limited to unskilled work. In this situation, past work can be eliminated. Likewise, if a person’s past work involved heavy lifting, and the individual can only lift light objects, that too can be helpful in eliminating past work. Therefore, it is important to clearly explain all job responsibilities. If someone was required to perform certain tasks in a past job but can no longer perform such tasks, either physically or mentally, that can result in elimination of past work and increase their chances for a favorable outcome.

Form SSA-827-BK, Authorization to Disclose Information

Form SSA-827-BK, Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration, allows the SSA to obtain medical records and information they need from medical providers. The purpose of this form is to give the SSA blanket authorization to request medical records. This speeds up the process of acquiring documentation, since SSA is not required to get permission for each individual treatment provider.

Speak to a Chicago SSDI Attorney

With preparation and guidance from a compassionate SSDI attorney, applying for disability benefits can be much less stressful. A Chicago attorney could help you properly fill out any required forms, assemble supporting documentation, and appeal your case if your claim is denied. Call today to get started.

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