Contrary to a notion held by some, people who run out of unemployment benefits are not just turning to Social Security Disability benefits, the Huffington Post reports. This is a misconception that some have used to malign the disability benefits program.

Research by Jesse Rothstein at the University of California, Berkeley, found no rise in applications for Social Security Disability corresponding with the loss of jobless benefits.

When the recession started, Congress extended unemployment benefits after the standard 26 weeks were up. Rothstein checked state data to see whether disability applications rose when unemployment benefits ended.

“I don’t find any relationship at all,” he said.

Even a report by the White House in 2011 suggested that people would turn to Social Security Disability for assistance when the unemployment benefits ran out. The report said that applications for disability benefits by unemployed workers over the age of 50 rose as they got closer to using up their jobless benefits.

But Rothstein has shown that this just is not the case.  Although most agree that the Social Security Disability program needs changes to remain intact, the notion that many people are gaming the system is not accurate.

The vast majority of applicants who seek disability benefits really need them. The fact that it usually takes many months to receive money and that hearings often are involved should dissuade people of the idea that applicants are faking or exaggerating medical conditions.

If you can no longer work due to a sickness or injury, you should think about applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Don’t let any negativity surrounding the program deter you from seeking the assistance you are entitled to receive.

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