If you are disabled and cannot work you know how important your Social Security Disability benefits are. They may even be keeping you out of poverty or letting you avoid homelessness.

What you might not realize is that your disability payments could end. So what are the circumstances in which you would no longer receive your Social Security Disability?

Your case will be reviewed periodically to verify your disability. If the government decides that your medical condition has improved to the point where you are no longer considered disabled, your benefits will cease.

Also, if you are working and earning more than $1,010 a month, your income will be considered substantial and you will stop getting Social Security Disability.

You can find more about these rules on the Social Security Administration website.

A Florida Disability Benefits Lawyer Can Handle Your Appeal

If you believe your disability benefits have been stopped in error, you need to take action. You can wade through all of the links and pages on the Social Security Administration website, or try calling the various phone numbers.

Or you can talk to legal professionals who know Social Security Disability and can give you quick and clear answers to your questions.

The Florida disability benefits attorneys of Disparti Law Group, P.A., have been successfully dealing with the government regarding Social Security Disability for over 30 years. We will fight to get you what you deserve.

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