In an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the director of a mental health advocacy group offers a persuasive defense of Social Security Disability Insurance for people with mental illness..

Christine Michaels wrote in response to an op-ed piece by Dr. Marmin E. Fischbach, who claimed that mental health patients were gaming the system.  She said Fischbach had mischaracterized the application process and wrongly disparaged beneficiaries.

“Claiming that many people apply fraudulently for disability benefits, malinger with symptoms and are able to will symptoms away once disability is granted is an unconscionable way of explaining serious mental illness to a public audience,” she wrote.

In her 27 years of experience, Michaels wrote, she didn’t know a single person who was awarded disability benefits after one visit to a psychiatrist.

“In these tough economic times, when mental-health funding is being cut at both the state and federal levels, a negatively inaccurate and grossly generalized portrayal of the Social Security disability process can be very damaging. Casting patients with mental illness as stereotypical schemers and frauds who use the system to live off the ‘government dole’ incites public outrage to cut disability benefits for the people who need them, instead of responsibly encouraging improvements to the system.”

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