Collisions and near-collisions at the intersection of Klosterman Road, Alt. U.S. 19 and the Pinellas Trail in Tarpon Springs have promoted Mayor David Archie to call for safety improvements, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Mayor Archie, who bikes to work several times a week, recently called for action at a meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, which is in charge of transportation policy. However, it could take months or even years before anything is done.

“In my humble opinion some type of caution light would help,” Mayor Archie said. “But if not, at least adequate signage would let the drivers know there is a trail and there are pedestrians and riders.”

Currently there is just one sign that says, “Turning traffic must yield to pedestrians.”

After a cyclist was killed by a cement truck in the intersection in 2000, officials considered installing signs or lights, but little was done.

“There are so many options these days,” said Gina Harvey of the Pinellas County Planning Department. “I hope we can get something up there.”

Until changes are made, pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers should be very aware when traveling through the intersection.

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