The Army Times reports that the Social Security Administration is putting a rare lung disease on its Compassionate Allowance list. This means that the Social Security Administration will expedite claims for disability benefits filed by people who have the disease.

Constrictive bronchiolitis has been found in some veterans who were exposed to fires in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is an irreversible disease characterized by the obstruction of the lungs’ smallest airways by scarring.

The Compassionate Allowance list was created to provide Social Security Disability benefits quickly to applicants with conditions “so serious they obviously meet disability standards,” according to the Social Security Administration’s guidelines.

Hundreds of service members say they were sickened by exposure to smoke at open air burn pits and fires in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Neil Rogers is one of almost 50 service members who were diagnosed with the disease. “This is a huge breakthrough for us,”Rogers said. “It practically guarantees us benefits.”

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