Cubist Pharmaceutical has voluntarily recalled nine lots of its antibacterial injection Cubicin after learning that the reconstituted vials may contain traces of foreign particulate matter that could be life-threatening when administered, MarketWatch reported.

In a press statement released by the company on August 10, Cubist Pharmaceutical recalled Cubicin 500 mg in 10 mL single-use vials with the following lot numbers: CDC 203, CDC 207, CDC 213, CDC 217, CDC 226, CDC 234, CDC 235, CDC 243, and CDC 246. The company encourages consumers across the country not to use the affected products, and to contact them for the return and replacement of the drug.

Although no reports of adverse events have been associated with the recalled medicine, individuals exposed to an intravenous drug contaminated with foreign matter are at higher risk of life-threatening medical complications, such as blood clots and allergies.

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