The family of a man who was killed while riding his motorcycle is hoping to raise awareness and change traffic laws regarding motorcycle accidents in Florida, the Bradenton Herald reported recently.

On July 25, 2013, the man was riding his Suzuki in Myakka City, when another vehicle turned left in front of him. The motorcycle, traveling the legal limit of 45 mph, struck the side of the turning vehicle, whose driver received a citation for failing to yield to oncoming traffic.

Now the motorcyclist’s wife, sister-in-law, and mother are attempting to ensure that his death is not just another Florida traffic fatality. They want to change the law to bring harsher penalties for anyone who kills a motorcyclist on the road. This could include jail time.

The motorcyclist’s wife said, “Yes, I would like to get a law passed. I don’t believe you should take someone’s life and your life doesn’t change a little bit.”

Any accident that involves drugs or alcohol can be referred to the State Attorney’s Office. But when impairments are not cited, they typically aren’t referred.

A spokesperson for the Florida Highway Patrol said that the agency was reviewing its records to see if there would be any further charges against the driver involved in the fatal motorcycle accident. However, the State Attorney’s Office said it was not working on a case against him.

Drivers of cars and trucks are most often the ones responsible for motorcycle accidents,

according to a recent study by the Florida Department of Transportation, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The study analyzed 10 years of motorcycle accidents in Florida and found that 60 percent of the time drivers of other vehicles are the ones at fault for collisions with motorcycles. Often failing to yield right of way is the cause of an accident.

Chanyoung Lee, a senior researcher at the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research who took part in the study, encourages drivers to look twice for motorcycles. Lee also suggests that motorcyclists wear bright clothing to make themselves more visible.

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