A recent study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute shows that driver fatigue is a major cause of car crashes, and not just at night.

The researchers found that fatigue is a cause of 20 percent of car crashes. The research was based on the actions of 200 drivers whose cars were equipped with sensors and cameras for the “naturalistic driving study.”

Drivers ages 18 to 20 had more fatigue-related accidents than drivers in any other age group. They also had the most daytime sleepiness.

“A finding that surprised people is the prevalence of fatigue during the day,” said Charlie Klauer of the Institute’s Center for Vulnerable Road User Safety. “We found significantly more crashes/near crashes due to fatigue during the day than at night.”

More than10,000 events such as crashes, near crashes and braking hard were studied.

“The study allowed us, for the first time, to observe driver behavior just prior to a crash,” Klauer said. “In 20 percent of all crashes and 16 percent of all near crashes, the driver was showing fatigue. We saw eye-lid closure, head bobbing, severe loss of facial musculature, micro sleep – which is when your eyes drift shut and then pop up. This was not just yawning. The drivers were asleep.”

Hopefully these results will make people more aware of the dangers of driving while tired.

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