USA Today reported recently on the Social Security Administration’s difficulty in keeping up with a large backlog of Social Security Disability applications. Given the pressure on the system, attorney Larry Disparti says, “It is more important than ever for people who are seeking disability benefits to work with a disability benefits lawyer.”

“As this article points out, the process of applying for disability benefits can be a long and highly complex process,” Disparti said.

According to USA Today, there are 750,000 claimants awaiting hearings, and in some states, the average wait time for a hearing is 316 days.

The bottom line is that millions of people are applying for benefits, but the Social Security Administration cannot work through the claims fast enough.

“Without competent assistance, the [application] process could get even longer and more difficult,” Disparti said. “That’s why our firm believes it’s important for a claimant to seek the help of an attorney as their disability benefits advocate. An attorney must meet certain educational, professional and ethical standards that are meant to ensure their competency.”

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