Due to government errors, over a million people likely received Social Security benefits because their deaths were not properly reported, according to a new report. This occurred because of multiple lists the government uses to record the deaths of recipients, the Washington Post reports.

There is supposed to be a master list called the Death Master File used to verify identities and also to prevent fraud, but it was determined that over 1.2 million deaths were not recorded on this list. This was due either to clerical errors or to the fact that information about the people didn’t match up with other computer systems.

Sen. Tom Coburn, ranking member of the Social Security Subcommittee, called the lax recordkeeping “inexcusable” and “embarrassing.”

Among the many benefits going out to deceased persons was Social Security Disability (SSD). This program assists those who are disabled and cannot work.

Government mistakes and errors aside, SSD is a very worthwhile program that has helped countless amounts of people. If you are or have become disabled and can no longer work, SSD is a program that may offer financial help.

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