If you receive Social Security Disability because of an injury or illness, your inability to work may not be permanent. If your condition has improved, or you feel that you could hold an accommodating job, you may want to give work another chance.

The Social Security Administration allows people receiving Social Security Disability to test the waters in a trial work period without fear of losing benefits.

Your trial work period will last for nine months. The months do not have to be consecutive, but they must take place within five years. Regardless of the amount of money you make in those nine months, you will still receive your full benefits.

If you want to continue working after the trial, you can do a 36-month extended period of eligibility. You can still get your Social Security Disability benefits during this time as long as your earnings are below the level considered substantial gainful activity.

Once you go above the level of substantial gainful activity, your disability will be assumed to be gone. However, you will get your benefits for two additional months. If your earnings fall below the level of substantial gainful activity during the extended period, you can have your benefits restarted without a new application.

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This can all be confusing, but that shouldn’t prevent you from seeking employment if you feel you can handle a job. For information regarding your options, or if you have yet to apply for benefits, talk to legal professionals who know the Social Security Disability system.

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