Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Dense pedestrian traffic is a hallmark of a vibrant, populous city, and Chicago is no exception. When so many residents and tourists alike choose to walk to their destination rather than spend time in traffic, there will inevitably be a high degree of interaction between pedestrians and vehicles. If a driver is negligent or reckless, the risk of hitting and injuring a pedestrian greatly increases. These accidents are also more likely to be seriously damaging because pedestrians are so unprotected.

Dangerous Driver Behaviors That Contribute to Pedestrian Accidents

While walking is most often a safe, healthy alternative to driving, some accidents do occur as a result of reckless driving. As such, the following reckless driving behaviors may increase the likelihood of pedestrian accidents:

  • Not slowing or stopping for marked pedestrian crosswalks or throughways
  • Not completely stopping at red lights or stop signs
  • Not adequately slowing down to make turns

The injuries sustained by pedestrians who are struck by vehicles can be extraordinarily severe and will likely impact the rest of their lives. The Chicago legal team at Disparti Law Group will aggressively pursue any responsible party in the civil court system.

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