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Why You Need to Watch How Much Your Guests Drink

The holiday season is one of good times, fellowship and cheer—in short, gatherings and parties. People get together to enjoy good food, good friends and drink, and unfortunately, sometimes they drink a little too much. We’ve all heard about the dangers of drinking and driving, but what many people don’t realize is that if one [...]

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Car Accident Settlements: What to Expect After Your Case

Car Accident Settlements: What to Expect After Your Case Car accident cases are often a long, grueling process that requires lots of strength and resolve. The subsequent case can also be very difficult to navigate. This is why it is important to have an experienced car accident attorney on your side to help you get [...]

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Do Minor Accidents Need to Be Reported in Tampa Bay?

Unfortunately, car accidents can happen no matter how safe we try to be on the road. Accidents range from the very serious collisions that can claim lives to the fender-benders that cause minor damage to the vehicle and no injury. Minor car accidents are more common then we may think and they do follow special [...]

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5 Easy Tips for Negotiating With an Insurance Company

A personal injury can be one of the most devastating, difficult situations that a person can face. In addition to the stresses of overcoming your injury, there is the added stress of trying to get a proper payout from an insurance company. Because insurance companies want to limit your settlement to as low amount as [...]

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How to Prove Fault After You’re Hurt in a Car Accident

Car accident injuries can be extremely devastating, both physically and otherwise. The emotional toll is hard enough without taking into account extremely costly medical bills you may face if you’ve been recently injured. It can also be difficult to prove fault after a car accident, but it’s necessary to help you get the compensation you [...]

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Driving Tips to Keep You Safe This Summer

Almost half of all Americans travel for vacation during the summer months. Over 90 percent of those trips are in a personal vehicle. All of that time on the road can ultimately lead to more car accidents. Proper preparation for the road trip and a few driving tips can be extremely helpful if you are considering [...]

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What to Do When You’re Hurt in a Car Accident in Chicago

After you’re in a car accident, you’re likely scared, angry and confused, and it can be difficult to know where to go next. Unfortunately, despite all this it’s vital that you do the right things to make sure that your injuries and damages are properly covered by those responsible. Learn the first five things you should do after [...]

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How to Avoid a Car Accident in the Rain

It’s amazing how often inclement weather is the cause of car accidents. Even more incredible is that many of these accidents could easily be avoided if the driver had just exercised a bit of extra care. Read about some safety tips you should employ when driving in heavy wind and rain, and what to do if you end [...]

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