A charter bus carrying 32 members of a Jehovah’s Witness congregation hit an overpass at the Miami International Airport recently, killing two people and critically injuring three others. The group was on the way to a church convention in West Palm Beach.

The airport has two large signs warning drivers of high vehicles not to go under the overpass, but the bus driver either ignored them or did not see them. According to the Associated Press, a police spokesman said the driver was not familiar with the airport.

This may be the kind of avoidable accident that potentially leads to personal injury lawsuits. If a careless, reckless or negligent action by a bus driver or bus company causes an accident, those injured may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other expenses.

Anyone who has suffered an injury or property damage in a Florida accident that was someone else’s fault should consult an attorney who is experienced in Florida personal injury law. Florida sets time limits for those injured to file personal injury lawsuits, so it is important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.