Some Social Security Disability Cases Warrant Quick Review

Once you have applied for Social Security Disability, you will have to wait for several months while your case is being reviewed. However, in certain circumstances, the application process could be expedited.

If you have a terminal illness or a severe medical condition, the Social Security Administration will consider speeding up a decision, as long as objective medical information can be obtained quickly.

The Social Security Administration provides a  list of medical conditions that are considered severe.

If your condition is on this list, your Social Security Disability case could be reviewed and approved much faster than it would be otherwise. But even if your condition isn’t included and you feel it is severe enough to warrant a quick application process, you should consult legal professionals immediately.

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You may have symptoms of a condition that is considered severe, but not the actual condition itself. So does that mean you should have an expedited application? We can figure that out for you.

During these trying times, your only focus should be your health. Let our disabilities benefits lawyers deal with the applications and forms and doctor’s reports.

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