Social Security Disability is a program designed to help those who cannot work because of a disability. To be considered eligible to receive benefits, you have to meet three requirements:

  • You can no longer work at your current job;
  • You cannot do any other job;
  • Your disability is expected to last at least a year or result in death.

If you meet all of these criteria, you may qualify for benefits.

Even claims of people who meet these requirements are initially rejected. The government has a backlog of cases to sort through and often even the neediest people fall through the cracks.

If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits and were rejected, there is good news: you may be able to appeal the decision. The bad news is that the process is long and tedious.

You can appeal through the Social Security Administration’s website, but if you do, be prepared to sift through numerous links and questionnaires.

You can also contact legal professionals who know the ins and outs of the SSD appeals process. If you live in Florida, you can contact the Disparti Law Group, P.A., a firm that has been handling Social Security Disability cases for over 30 years.

Our disabilities benefits attorneys know the disability appeals process. We’re aware of how the system works, and our goal is to get benefits for deserving clients.

Many deserving SSD candidates have come to us because of a rejected benefits claim. We have helped a number of these clients get those decisions reversed.

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