Transitioning from school to work can be challenging, particularly for people with disabilities. However, a few federal agencies recently sought input from the public to make the transition for young people easier.

The Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services, along with the Social Security Administration, had a two-week “online dialogue” in which they asked lawmakers, educators, service providers, families and disabled youth to comment on how to make the school-to-work transition smoother.

Officials were hoping to learn about the obstacles young people with disabilities face when leaving school. The information could end up affecting laws and policies in the future.

Kathy Martinez, assistant secretary of labor for disability employment policy, said the goal was to ensure that federal programs help young adults with disabilities to achieve their dreams of independence and economic empowerment.

“[We hope to] identify barriers as well as opportunities that may exist at the federal level and also help us develop solutions,” Martinez said.

Special rules allow people to work temporarily and still receive Social Security Disability benefits. However, it can take months to start receiving benefits, and the majority of people who apply are turned down at first.

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